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Drum Set!

+1    Drum Set is a portable drum set that you can take with you wherever you go Play solo, or join in with friends to create a group Whether you're a beginner looking to improve, or an expert who just wants to ...    3 MB    Views 5323
+28    Post Tonal Theory Calculator is a convenient utility, useful for any student of posttonal music. This calculator speeds up both analysis and composition using musical sets. The "clockface" view provides an intuitive visualization of any set of pitch classes. In ...    101 kb    Views 5130
+30    Learn to play the Drums using real Drum sound kits. Custom Drum kits are rare and producers love to sample from using Drum Set Live App. we have more to come. Text feedback when drums is tapped Mastered recorded, high quality ...    4 MB    Views 4123
+14    Get to know your scales and chords. This app will teach you some of the different scales and chords and their relating number interval system which can be applied towards your instrument of choice Geared for Guitar, Bass, and Piano Set Key, ...    1 MB    Views 4759

I mercenary

-1    in the "toy mercenary", you are an ordinary mercenary and become a king through your own efforts. there are a variety of playing method, you can set up your own mercenary and fighting with other country's mercenary, many more adventures ...    31 MB    Views 8888


+3    iDrummer is a soundboard application that includes three sets of drums; trap set, djembe, and a set of bongos    2 MB    Views 4855


+16    An artful tuner designed by and for professional musicians working in classical and early music. The tuner provides a tone that is easy to tune to, and so you use your ears to tune. iPegs doesn't listen to your instrument ...    784 kb    Views 3906

The Best Tabla+

+18    Download The Best Tabla+, which is an exotic aplication with unique sounds Tabla (also known as arabic drum, darbukkah, darbouka or dumbak) has a drum pad with indian, arabian and latin percussion sounds. Features: Multitouch the real indian tabla drum set 15 ...    16 MB    Views 7317

Treehouse Radio

-5    Treehouse Radio is a great place to escape the stresses of everyday life for a time. We play music both old and new and there's always something to listen and relax to in the Treehouse. From the App you can listen ...    1 MB    Views 4280

Congas & Bongos!

-2    Congas & Bongos Percussion to iOS The most fun experience in drumming to iOS Drum pad with latin percussion sounds. Play Congas or Bongos. To play live music. Features: Congas and Bongos set's 15 realistic drum sounds Studio audio quality A perfect real percussion ...    10 MB    Views 596

Dreamfields 2015

0    In this app, you can find all information about Dreamfields Festival. Check out the lineup, add your favorite artists, read all Dreamfields news and use the floorpan during the festival. Set notifications for your favorite artists so you are warned before ...    64 MB    Views 971

Set List Sender

-6    Application for recording setlist during the concert, saving it and sending it by email. Template setlist can be used as reference information during the concert. Contains the entire discography of the artist and the last setlist (used as a template). The app will ...    437 kb    Views 727


drum set play sets groove device rock
+20    Rock,Latin or Ethnic? What type of groove do you want to play? TEST YOURSELF ...PLAY ALL THE RHYTHMS THAT YOU WANT ON YOUR SONGS WITH THE INTEGRATED PLAYER...  With iDrummerPro you can play a 3 different types of sets: Rock Drum set Congas ...    44 MB    Views 1910

Music Set Theory

music software theory set class form
+7    With Music Set Theory software, calculate the set theory values of a pitch set (music theory): 
 Normal form 
 Prim form 
 Name (A.Forte) 
 zmate (A.Forte) 
 Interval class 
 IC vector A button allows you to display the complementary ...    57 kb    Views 1937

Drum Man HD (FREE)

drum music set play graphics man beats
+17    Let the music and rhythm take control and rock out on Drum Man. This app is portable drum set that you can take anywhere you go. With realistic sounds and no lag response, you can jam out all the time. Features: 4 ...    20 MB    Views 2270

Meditation Time

meditation time relax set stress escape
-2    Meditation Time allows you to escape the stress of the day and relax. You can pick different white noise to listen too. You can set a timer or set it to continues play and destress. Meditation Time can be used ...    19 MB    Views 7183

set times
-8 makes it easy to figure out what to see at your next festival. » Get updated set times as they're released. » Check downloaded times on your phone even when you lose signal. » Link with your friends' plans and share the ...    5 MB    Views 8118

Set List Keeper

set songs list length
+27    Always have your Set List with you when you get to the gig. Define your songs in the songs tab. Length & bpm optional. Create Set Lists and add songs. Drag & drop to reorder. If song lengths are defined, ...    143 kb    Views 4626

Epic Drum Set Pro

+11    You can now practice drums for free with a realistic drum kit. Load and start playing instantly Features: Play multiple drums simultaneously 2 tom drums 1 floor tom drum 1 snare drum 1 hihat cymbal with foot pedal 1 crash ...    3 MB    Views 7118


create set sound unique
-9    ULang is a visual sound instrument that can be used to create digital sound scapes on touch based devices. Its important aspects are the reduced set of grammar, a limited set of input methods. The goal is to create complex ...    14 MB    Views 109

The Best Drums 3D

Related Apps drum set drums sounds realistic
-7    We have prepared a special realistic drum set, The Best Drums 3D. Record and playback any beats you want. You are only limited by your imagination. This is a must download for both professional and aspiring drummers. Features: real drum set recording mode ...    19 MB    Views 7335

The Best Tabla

drum tabla sounds indian real set percussion
-6    Download The Best Tabla, which is an exotic aplication with unique sounds Tabla (also known as arabic drum, darbukkah, darbouka or dumbak) has a drum pad with indian, arabian and latin percussion sounds. Features: Multitouch the real indian tabla drum set 15 ...    18 MB    Views 7293

Drum Set +

Related Apps drum set
+4    Drum Set + is a universal app made for the drummer in you. Touch and play various drum sets with high quality and authentic drum sounds that you will enjoy.    17 MB    Views 7401
music piano circle device set listen
+3    'traumbaum' is an everchanging piano piece with no end. If you want to relax yourself with some calm piano music, just launch this app, and you can listen to it as long as you like. Tap the rotating circle to ...    203 MB    Views 2997

Full Drum Kits Free

+23    Practice or test your drummer skills on your mobile device This app includes: Different types of drum set kits: Classic Electronic and more Nine types of drum instruments: Kick Snare Crash Hihat and more Customizable background drum set kit colors: Purple Blue Green and more Metronome functionality ALL FOR FREE Drool Games, ...    11 MB    Views 6689


send aux digital mixer viewer set list control
0    MonitorMan is a complete personal monitoring application for digital mixers. Features include: Control your consoles aux send mixes from onstage. Control your aux send master volume. Set your aux send EQ. Unlike other applications, sound engineer can configure which settings ...    1 MB    Views 4379

Touch Drum Set

Related Apps drum set touch sessions play record
+13    • Beautiful retina graphics • High quality audio • Record and listen to your own drum sessions • User friendly interface Want to be an expert mobile drummer? Now it's easy with Touch Drum Set. With Touch Drum Set, you can record and play your ...    47 MB    Views 5739
0    Best Drum Kit is a virtual drum set for iPhone. It supports multitouch and incorporates a great set of realistic sounds. If you want a virtual drum app that sounds just like a real one, try Best Drum Kit.    3 MB    Views 4628

Drum Set Pro (FREE)

drum music set play graphics pro beats
+27    Let the music and rhythm take control and rock out on Drum Set Pro. This app is portable drum set that you can take anywhere you go. With realistic sounds and no lag response, you can jam out all the ...    20 MB    Views 6570

I’m Aquarius

exclusive scores soundtrack set
+12    Set in the vast reaches of space, take control of the Metronomy ship and help Joe Mount navigate the cosmic wilderness. You will need quick reactions and fast thinking to avoid the increasingly perilous obstacles in your path. From exploding ...    34 MB    Views 6736


lead designer project discovery set
+20    A world which was set for discovery, for audiovisual discovery. Okkhio Project came to clear your musical path through visualizing and hearing. A humble way trying to show you how is set the hearts of people who follow such genres ...    2 MB    Views 2874

Cooking with Music

Related Apps music cooking library love timer set
+2    Love cooking? Love music? Check this out Take one cooking timer and one virtual DJ, put them together and make your cooking time ROCK. Set the timer and the DJ creates a set list from your music library, playing the records at ...    5 MB    Views 676


model pedals set layout pedal
-2    This app lets you set up your virtual effect pedals collection, plan your pedals layout on a set of Smith and Stange pedalboards and view it from any 3D angle. Features: 15 different board types pedal model templates with colour and ...    12 MB    Views 6261


set melodeon complete
+17    Melodeon app will allow you to carry around a complete set of button accordions right in your pocket and practice on the go Features: 200+ builtin songs Two authentic sounds Very fast & responsive Complete set of 2 and 3 row ...    40 MB    Views 762

Sonic Guru

music set sonic application guru
-3    Sonic Guru is an application that lets you download and play music you can time to repeat from 2 minutes to over 2 hours. Our first set of music is meant to be ambient when you need to chill, focus ...    12 MB    Views 2917

My Set List

list set remember song
+27    Can't remember what on earth is in tonight's set list? Not sure what you're supposed to be learning for the rehearsal next week? Too many bands, too many songs? My Set List will help you keep it all straight. The Set ...    5 MB    Views 4781

Tiger95 App

song full set album
+8    Tiger95 App Flat design style with sleek navigation• Full display of what's currently playing with large sized album art• Full sized album art on lock screen• Playlist history• Song rating with full reporting• Incar song info via Bluetooth• 'Buy song' ...    3 MB    Views 1902


-5    ✯✯✯✯✯ With iDrummerPro Free you can play an amazing Drum set TEST YOURSELF ...PLAY ALL THE RHYTHMS THAT YOU WANT ON YOUR SONGS WITH THE INTEGRATED PLAYER.. is in continue update with new drum sets...and the user have the possibility to contact ,with ...    43 MB    Views 1553


song listeners station set alarm 100
+13    Urban contemporary internet radio station that plays the latest & old school hip hop & r&b, mixed with interesting talk from our array of exciting on air personalities down load the app and listen to the future, Heat100radio the station ...    3 MB    Views 8963 Studio

Related Apps music artists set recordings studio
-7 is a musician’s technology platform that enables artists to capture, promote and sell highfidelity recordings instantly, so that music fans anywhere can enjoy the live music experience. Our Studio is used to take care of all of the heavy ...    16 MB    Views 2252

Leo Player

audio bookmarks player position set playback
-5    Leo Player is designed for language learners and audiotypists. You can do followings by this application. Set bookmarks at any point of audio playback. You can jump to any bookmark to start playing audio at that position. Search silent position ...    3 MB    Views 5851


Related Apps button set note range
-8    TEACH NOTE: Press the button Play and a note will appear. After that, hit the button for the correct name. On the area below you can see a statistical evaluation of your earnings. You can always reset this statistics and start all ...    11 MB    Views 8999
ringtones iphone set create number
+2    An application really simple and easy to use, lets you immediately create a number of ringtones: Create custom ringtones from music stored on your iPhone. Cut the concrete section of the track you want to set as a ringtone. Ability ...    43 MB    Views 9018

Metronome for piano

Related Apps metronome time piano beats easy set tempo
+11    Metronomes are used by musicians while practicing in order to maintain a constant tempo. Metronome for Piano App is a simple metronome tool that allows you to set your time signature and the tempo to practice music. Also the tone for ...    19 MB    Views 9001

Clef Cards

cards flashcards clef set
0    Learning to read music can be daunting when faced with a new clef, but making a set of flashcards can help. That's where Clef Cards comes in. Imagine an endless set of flashcards in Treble, Alto, Tenor and Bass clef Just ...    6 MB    Views 1944

The Smart Set Vinyl

smart set vinyl
0    The Smart Set Vinyl is a free takeeverywhere turntable that will allow you to listen to a Canadian electro playlist created exclusively for you by Smart Set.    78 MB    Views 4101

My First Drum Set

drum set skills musical
+3    Get your little one's musical skills started with My First Drum Set This is a specially designed drum set with all the bells and whistles for your little one to have fun while learning basic motor skills 6 Types of Drums 3 ...    17 MB    Views 5913

Drum Set

Related Apps drum create set band friends
+6    Drum Set is a fun musical instrument that you can take with you anywhere Download on multiple devices and create your own band With Drum Set you can create your own solo beats, or join with friends to create the ultimate ...    3 MB    Views 2516

New Years Ringtones

Related Apps ringtones audio years happy set countdown
+24    Celebrate New Years with your own moving, audio countdown ball and "Happy New Years" ringtones. With these hilarious and goofy comedy ringtones, you can set them to be the ringtone for all your callers or set them to a unique caller. ...    11 MB    Views 4495

Zen Physics

physics zen world free levels pieces set completely find
+5    Zen Physics is a completely free, addictive and zen puzzle game set in an unique world of purity. Using your fingers move shadow pieces in a world based on the laws of physics. Tilt your iPod/iPhone/iPad in the direction you want ...    14 MB    Views 1733

Sight Reading Tutor

time instrument notes setting choose staff set sight
-6    I wanted to learn to sightread music, so I wrote this app. It randomly generates 13 notes, draws them on a staff, waits a moment, and then plays them. You'll need a musical instrument to use this app some way to play ...    545 kb    Views 5482


artists set recordings favorite download show
+1 is the best way to relive your favorite concert experience. We provide instant access to high quality audio recordings from your favorite artists. No need to rely upon the mic on your phone to capture the performance, our recordings are ...    13 MB    Views 4887

Radio FM

Related Apps radio stations set
+3    The Radio App features over 10,000 professional and community radio stations from around the world. Radio offers tremendous depth and breadth of stations with genres ranging from Alternative, Electronica, Metal to Jazz and Classic across a broad set of languages ...    25 MB    Views 5


media video library import song set
+8    Main features: Import any song or video that is on your device into your media library Import media from within other applications (Only apps that have a ‘Open in…’ option) Download and import media from the Internet Importing media is fast, taking only a ...    7 MB    Views 3560

S Metronome

Related Apps metronome tempo set
+14    It is the metronome which it is simple and can operate. I omit many functions and make it minimum. The metronome is essential to the exercise of the musical instrument, but carrying around is recommended for a person to be troublesome. Main characteristic: I ...    2 MB    Views 6772

Electric Drum Set

drum set electric
-5    Electric power is on, and so our drum. Channelize your creativity via our drums, and make the best music you can make. Try our very, free app, and test you drumming skills here. Features: ◉ interactive user interface ◉ multitouch ◉ a full set of ...    47 MB    Views 8432
wave set
-2    This is metronome, and it can be make a wave. When this app is start, you push the tap button a few times. This app set BPM in automatic. This app create a wave. A wave cycle can be set in A0 G8. A ...    415 kb    Views 8401
Related Apps apple time tempo set song watch
+12    Musicians, keep time on stage with Tempo for Apple Watch | Tempo flashes to the tempo of your choice for each song | When creating a new song, tap the colored box on iPhone or Apple to set the speed/tempo | Create a ...    2 MB    Views 7750
baby sleep create set aid
+25    Soothe your baby to sleep with the Shwssh App. Record your own voice and comfort your baby to sleep. You can also layer built in white noise, and lullaby tracks that play simultaneously to create a complete "Baby Sleep Mix". Best of ...    21 MB    Views 7400

Drum Set (Free)

Related Apps drum create set band friends
+27    Drum Set is a fun musical instrument that you can take with you anywhere Download on multiple devices and create your own band With Drum Set you can create your own solo beats, or join with friends to create the ultimate ...    3 MB    Views 9807
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