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+19    The Best Oldies The best Classic Hits Every song is a memory Every song is a hit No Remakes    20 MB    Views 2684


+5    You can hear the beautiful woman's sound that you play piano and play the beautiful song. You can play the most beautiful song. You can play only to press a piano clavier.    3 MB    Views 9309

Get My Groove Drums

+21    A variety of Drum kits for various genres including Hip Hop, Disco, Rock, Techno and more. Play along with your favorite song or simple to the beat of your own.... All Sounds recorded using a real studio, this is not ...    33 MB    Views 170

Khmer Video Song I

+10    Enjoy collections of Karaoke Song in Khmer Thousands of songs. Classic, Modern, Love. Many genre to choose from Make your own playlist Continuous updated with new songs    8 MB    Views 678

ABCs Song

safe song
+5    This app is safe it does not have INAPP purchases A fun new way to learn the alphabet in English, Spanish, and German Sing along with the ABCs Song in both slow and fast speeds. It's safe and it's simple. We hope ...    25 MB    Views 1902


+2    Simply show infomation about the song which is playing. Useful for checking composer of song or some metatags of iTunes.    175 kb    Views 352
+9    Yet Another Player. Creating playlists never been so easy Just swipe to add song or album to "up next" or tap to the song to listen to it right now That's it    8 MB    Views 9181

j-Pad Girls

+29    "jPad Girls" A New style media art form from Tokyo. All song were covered version by KAWAII singers. Each song was performed on a sound from herself. Songs and videos will be released through Apple iTunes Store and other digital distributers shortly. Also, we are ...    37 MB    Views 8861

Capoeira Lyrics HD

+25    Capoeira Lyrics HD mobile client for biggest public capoeira lyrics archive. Hundreds lyrics and translations in your pocket Search thru Title, Text, Artists Make list of favorite lyrics Regular content updates Preloaded offline database Designed for iPad No annoying ...    15 MB    Views 9814

ESC Almanach

-6    The whole Eurovision Song Contest in your pocket. Now you can take the complete history of the Eurovision Song Contest with you all the time: all songs, results and points since the first contest in 1956 until 2014 all nationals ...    14 MB    Views 2321

My Set List

+27    Can't remember what on earth is in tonight's set list? Not sure what you're supposed to be learning for the rehearsal next week? Too many bands, too many songs? My Set List will help you keep it all straight. The Set ...    5 MB    Views 4781

the abc song

-3    learn the English ABC by playing the song yourself. with this application it's really a kids game... This application will play for you, all you need to do is follow the letters.    2 MB    Views 2756


application lyrics song
+19    iAmKaraoke is a lyrics searching application. Open this application and click one button to search the lyrics for the current playing song in your iPod library. You don't have to enter any song title or artist name because the iAmKaraoke ...    157 kb    Views 6821
+9    Choose any song from your iTunes library, and create a quality video in a short amount of time with little effort. Add filters, transitions and effects on the fly as you create Use “timetap” to create a sequence of photos by ...    12 MB    Views 9132

Bongo Drums

+8    Play the bongo drums on your iPhone or iPod touch. Select any song in you music library and play the bongos along with the song. Anyone can play and no musical experience is needed.    4 MB    Views 5249


songs order song
+10    Use for KTV. This is very convenient soft for your customer to order songs in your karaoke shop. 1. order songs by song name, singer name. 2. order songs by song alphabets.    3 MB    Views 4884


song songs
+10    This App helps those of you that have a song stuck in your head and you can't get it out no matter what you do. Using the latest in reverseauditorymelodicunstickification technology, we've been able to allow our users to "unhear" ...    869 kb    Views 8168

TabKeeper 2

songs song
-9    TabKeeper is a simple yet powerful chord chart and tab editing system. You can import songs from the web using the TabKeeper song server, or upload your existing song files. Change key on the fly, or the position of your Capo. ...    3 MB    Views 4983
+11    BOB loves to play Whatever for Spokane WA and the world You’ll never know what song is next…because BOB doesn’t even know what song is next With thousands of songs, no DJ’s, and very few commercials, 1039 BOBFM is the ...    7 MB    Views 9180


song font saved
-5    An ultimate music lyric reader for musicians, singers who are on the go. Features: Smart turn pages Song color code Automatic split song into blocks (verse, chorus, solo...) Font size Font alignment Font style for chords Easy to add, edit and ...    4 MB    Views 3554
song check
+4    Tune in to WBWB 96.7 FM, B97 and check out todays best music. Find the name of the current song and most recently played along with the top requested songs. Submit your own song request and check out the on ...    1 MB    Views 2492

LyricLook Free

+23    LyricLook conveniently creates a special Internet search on the search engine of your choice using the name of the artist and the song currently playing. Or, choose a song from your library. Say you're listening to an old favorite. You've always ...    519 kb    Views 4558

Song Loop

song figure
+4    Trying to learn how to play a song by ear? Tired of rewinding repeatedly to figure out the notes? Check out this app. It allows you to select any song in your music library and set a start and end point so ...    241 kb    Views 9325
lyrics song capoeira lite
+14    Capoeira Lyrics HD Lite mobile client for biggest public capoeira lyrics archive. Hundreds lyrics and translations in your pocket Search thru Title, Text, Artists Make list of favorite lyrics Regular content updates Preloaded offline database Designed for iPad Join us ...    15 MB    Views 8171


+4    One of the most popular music app for OS X and Windows is now available for the iPhone iQuikPlay is made for one thing finding and listening to a song instantly. Just open up the app, type in the song ...    1 MB    Views 9269
singers song male
+4    The easiest and best DJ app on the store. Here are the steps: 1) Tap to import a song and play it 2) Adjust sliders to change the way the song sounds 3) Save the new masterpiece song That's it. Simple as 1, 2, 3. Turn ...    16 MB    Views 6184


song drama
-4    Plays AIO DRAMA France Opening song Ending Song et plus encore (and more) 24H/24 et 7j/7 (7D/7) nonstop. Une soirée sur un ou plusieurs groupes vous intéresserait ? Contactezmoi ( An evening of one or several groups would interest ...    18 MB    Views 166


-2    Oxide is an elegant and minimalist music player, designed for an easy and fast use. Change the view by swiping the screen on left/right. Scroll and select your favorite track, ordered by title or artist. Select the playback time of the song. Look at ...    221 kb    Views 7453
time songs song
+4    Kid Song brings songs to children at bed time, lunch time and dinner time... This version include 10 songs: Tôi đi làm mưa Vui đến trường Tạm biệt búp bê Thể dục sáng Đếm sao Chơi bập bênh Con chim non ...    31 MB    Views 357

Animes Station

+7    Plays Animes Station France Opening song Ending Song et plus encore (and more) 24H/24 et 7j/7 (7D/7) nonstop. Une soirée sur un ou plusieurs groupes vous intéresserait ? Contactezmoi ( An evening of one or several groups would interest ...    18 MB    Views 4118


song tune
-9    Sing along or make your own mix of Hans On th Bass' new hit song Loveshine The tune is competing to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. With the App you'll get a chance to get to know ...    52 MB    Views 5296
Related Apps song check
-6    Check out this awesome fun app we made with a song we wrote and recorded ourselves The Song is about One Direction and everything you love about them You can also check updates on what the boys are up to on our ...    4 MB    Views 5010
song genres
+27    DJ Spermy mixes up your reproductive system Faster, longer music will give you harder gameplay and more points. Choose any song from your library or one of the 11 built in genres. You only have 5 sperms, avoid eggs so you don't ...    12 MB    Views 443

Tremors - APPUM™

song journey
-6    There isn't any specific formula for crafting a song – the song will just tell you what it wants to be. That is where the magic lies. You just have to grab it... And keep chasing it. Ultimately, when you listen ...    72 MB    Views 9215

Oxide HD

Related Apps select song
+10    Oxide HD is an elegant and minimalist music player, designed for an easy and fast use. Scroll and select your favorite track, ordered by title or artist. Select the playback time of the song. Look at the cover and lyrics. Load your custom playlist ...    316 kb    Views 5862


0    This app is your music database in your pocket. It will search 3 databases online to find what you are looking for, get rich info about artist, its albums, its songs and can even share this with others via Facebook ...    8 MB    Views 8891
vienna song
0    A must for all of her fans, the Vienna Teng inConcertApp is the perfect companion app for her live shows. Your phone will display custom animations, tell you the song Vienna is playing on stage, let you make requests, vote ...    13 MB    Views 7021
-2    The history of most of the children of 768 songs, baby gift, including the classic nursery rhymes, songs, rhymes animation category. Support, on the song, the next song, play, pause, continuous, drag to play a variety of functions such as. There are ...    803 MB    Views 8676

AppliChord HD

Related Apps music chords song
+8    With AppliChord HD, if you can tap your iPad screen, you can play REAL music. Inspired by a music teacher's autoharp, if you know the chords to a song, you can accompany anyone easily. The chords for most popular songs can ...    14 MB    Views 2920

Song Data

information song
-2    Do you ever want to know how many times you played the song you're listening on your iPod or iPhone? Would you like to know the last time you heard it or any other information that you see in iTunes, ...    976 kb    Views 2488
Related Apps spotify song
+8    Ever get a song stuck in your head but can't remember the name of the song? With SpotiSearch, you can search for songs by their lyrics. Once you find the song, you can open it in Spotify or YouTube. SpotiSearch is ...    3 MB    Views 7752
Related Apps music song
0    Key features: Create custom music folders Search by song name ,song size and date Smart playlists like iPod Repeat and shuffle songs    NAN    Views 7678

Left and Right

Related Apps left learn song
+3    Learn the difference between Left and Right with this standards aligned app for the iPhone and iPad Original song "Left and Right" by the Electrobeats. Used in several preschools Learning Objective Students will: • Learn their left and right hands • Place objects to the ...    18 MB    Views 8905

Karaoke News Song

Related Apps karaoke news song
+1    Karaoke News Song is an app for search list song in english song and vietnamese song    3 MB    Views 6526


songs song
+8    Browse DJ and Karaoke song books on your phone, and send song requests to the DJ's on stage laptop. Search songs by keyword, letter, or latest songs added. Save songs to your Favs folder EASY and fast to use.    6 MB    Views 8533


Related Apps music song
+24    Wish'Em provides you with an opportunity to listen to your favorite music while partying with your best friends. For the first time it will be possible to host an event and let guests help decide the music directly from their own ...    3 MB    Views 5039
Related Apps fun song
+5    Test your memory and guess the Song Prove you're the best with levels and many mystery Puzzles to solve. Features ====== 1. Simple, instant fun 2. Regular updates, everlasting fun 3. Play with friends, shared fun So,what are you waiting for?Download while its free    10 MB    Views 6656

Power Playlist

song songs custom
+24    Create and save custom playlists from your iPod App Great for creating work out mixes ‘Quick Start’ for 60, 1minute songs Custom features include: •Fading Between Songs •Spoken Song Numbers •Song Length and Number of Songs •Start song from the middle to jump right into it    4 MB    Views 4925


Related Apps artists ipod song
-3    iSong is a huge online music encyclopedia that tells you about artists and songs on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Start playing tracks in your iPod and let iSong inform you about artists' biographies, song creation stories, see photos and watch ...    2 MB    Views 4368
Related Apps music day song
+7    "Song of the Day" is an application which provides daily wellchosen music from StreetVoice. Enjoy good music everyday.    3 MB    Views 5367


song great heard
-3    WZLO 103.1 & 98.3 is another great station, based on the Triple A format, from the Zone Radio. We'll surprise you ever so often... Sometimes with a great song you haven't heard in awhile, sometimes with a song you've never ...    3 MB    Views 7323

Christian Song

Related Apps songs song christian
+15    This app contains more than four hundreds of uplifting Christian songs, accompanied by colorful pictures, for you to listen to on a daily basis. Whether you choose your favorite songs or click the Auto Play option, these songs are guaranteed ...    36 MB    Views 2532
bob song
+6    BOB loves to play Whatever You’ll never know what song is next…because BOB doesn’t even know what song is next    7 MB    Views 3124


Related Apps live song
+24    BEONE RADIO app the worlds best station you can listen to our live shows ONDEMAND, search your song and request. Dedicate your song mention live via twitter. Our app is 100% Social Media compatible it works on WIFI 3G/4G High Quality ...    3 MB    Views 7407
-4    Mongolian Children's Song Collection, includes the song, lyrics and the instrumentals of each song. Монгол хүүхдийн дууны цуглуулга, дуу болгоны эхний бадагийг дагаж дуулаад, дараа нь хөгжим аяан дээр дуулж сурах боломжтой. Хүүхэд багачуудад зориулсан бага насны хүүхдийн дуу сурах, дагаж дуулах ...    16 MB    Views 7702


Related Apps music song
+10    Music Player. Add, manage and filter your own music playlist. Displays the cover and the lyrics of your song library. Read the song lyric as a Karaoke and if is missing, also can you search.    3 MB    Views 5805


+5    SongBase is a song database. View the catalog of songs, see when they were written, who wrote them and listen to different versions of the song.    562 kb    Views 9277


Related Apps record song
+20    Record perfect lipdubs of any song without your voice getting in the way. • Select a song from your phone's library • Hold to record yourself dubbing along • Save to camera roll, or share to Instagram/Facebook • Use dubbed on ones you post ...    9 MB    Views 2227
song tracks
-8    A different song every day They Might Be Giants' official and totally free song app includes new DialASong tracks and songs from the band's vast catalog. The app holds five tracks at all times. Created by TMBG, Drew Westphal AKA Scarface, ...    19 MB    Views 7635


music song
+19    MusicDNA ID discovers and identifies music wherever you go and whenever you want. Whether you are in a bar, in a department store or listening to music in a car, simply record a short snippet of the unknown song, send ...    6 MB    Views 1235
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