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+1    BPM Counter Lite measures the tempo of a music selection. While listening to your favorite tune, shake your iPhone / iPod Touch along the beat to get the BPM. Pressing "RESET" will restart the counter. Features of the Lite version: SHAKE IT Besides ...    621 kb    Views 8311

Beat Finder!

+20    Beat Finder the best and easiest way of finding a tempo or milliseconds of a song. It is great for FOH sound engineers that need to tune a delay in MS or musicians that are seeking the best tempo for ...    724 kb    Views 6018


+1    To all musician and music learner out there, presenting iMetronome, a simple yet powerful metronome app that can help you in practicing your rhythmic skills. iMetronome combines an accurate metronome and BMP counter. It also comes with a saving functionality ...    5 MB    Views 5360
metronome tempo scale chromatic
+20    This is a special metronome that great German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen has waited for 50 years This can play chromatic tempo scale like 63.5. You can program the tempo and number of beats easily, then metronome plays the tempo as you ...    1 MB    Views 4613

Dr Metronome.01

metronome tempo slide click setting screen accurate
-2    'Dr Metronome.01(Zero One)' is Drummer's Metronome for strict tempo keeping or DJ's Metronome for accurate tempo measuring. Features: 1. BPM accuracy is 0.01(60.00 240.00) 2. Accurate click sound 3. Visual tempo effect Flash screen simultaneously with click Rotate circle icon with click 4. Easy ...    186 kb    Views 2928
+10    Conduct your music Maestro lets you change the tempo of your music by shaking or waving your phone like an orchestra conductor. Play orchestra conductor with any song from your music library on your iPhone or iPod touch. Control the ...    1 MB    Views 4690
Related Apps metronome tempo include perfect
0    Whether or not you're an aspiring recording artist, music teacher or student this highly accurate and customizable Metronome HD is the musthave for you Features Include: • Perfect time keeping • Choose between four sounds or silent mode • Adjustable Tempo and Meter • Displays ...    59 MB    Views 4614
+3    drum machine player. drum realtime player. you can set the tempo and time. please play the drums for happy. drum machine gives fun and real drum sounds such as musical instrument app. Features time adjustment adjust the tempo various drum sounds realtime player    6 MB    Views 7700


+1    ezMetronome is designed for music players. Simplicity and usability are the focus of this product. Feature highlight: 9 reconfigurable tempos switching to a tempo by simply clicking a button changing a tempo by pressing and holding a button a practice tracking ...    280 kb    Views 3885

Metronome for piano

0    Metronomes are used by musicians while practicing in order to maintain a constant tempo. Metronome for Piano App is a simple metronome tool that allows you to set your time signature and the tempo to practice music. Also the tone for ...    19 MB    Views 9001

Tap Tempo+

time metronome tempo tap accurate screen
-8    Tap the screen to calculate the tempo then play it back with the builtin metronome Tap Tempo+ is the most accurate tempo calculator on the market. Simply tap a button and it will derive the tempo using the most accurate ...    3 MB    Views 8723


Related Apps music tempo
+7    You can list up music. You can measure the music tempo. You can keep tempo with playing drums.    530 kb    Views 4106


time music tempo upgrade play
+28    LITEVERSION: Limited to first 20 seconds of the song. You can upgrade to full functionality at any time by clicking UPGRADE. myTempoLite is a revolutionary new app that enables you to play any music file on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch ...    478 kb    Views 479

Tap That Tempo

Related Apps music tempo bpm automatically tap
+10    Just tap along the beat of your favorite music to measure the BPM of the song. „The perfect app for discovering BPM. Way faster and more accurate than anything that claims to be able to detect it automatically.“ This is a small ...    4 MB    Views 9408
metronome talas tempo
-5    This app will accompany you faithfully and help you keep in line with the tala and tempo you have chosen. Its innovative hand gestures and metronome count for Karnatic talas and bol with metronome for Hindustani tals will ensure adherence ...    2 MB    Views 8979

Chopped & Screwed

music tempo slow
+12    With Chopped & Screwed, you can slow down the tempo of the music you always listens to on your iPhone, this app will make you turn into a soft slacker. Chopped & Screwed Slow down the tempo of your music to max ...    13 MB    Views 3820


Related Apps iphone metronome apple instrument tempo trainer microphone touch ipod settings save click
-1    Newly enhanced and redesigned by the minds at Audiofile Engineering (creators of D'Chords and FiRe Field Recorder), D'Tempo is the quintessential digital metronome for iPhone brought to you by D'Addario & Company, Inc., the world's largest designer, manufacturer and ...    19 MB    Views 3466

Tap Tempo BPM

Related Apps tap bpm tempo
-1    Tap Tempo tap, tap, tap... and you will get the BPM value and the genre name: largamente, largissimo, largo, lento, adagio, andante, moderato, allegretto, allegro, presto, prestissimo    170 kb    Views 6856

Tempo de Paz

+21    Rádio online, transmitindo 24 horas o melhor da música católica, além de orações e interatividade. Se conecte com Deus por meio da Rádio Web Tempo de Paz.    1 MB    Views 8062


delay tempo
-6    DelayFinder is an easy to use delay calculator. Find your delay easily for your guitar, keyboard and musical effects : Enter a tempo (by value or tap tempo) and a delay rhythm, DelayFinder will compute the delay in millisecond or second. An iPad ...    5 MB    Views 7249


tempo ouvir
-6    Além de ouvir a WebRadioMaranatha, o aplicativo WGospel também oferece a oportunidade de ouvir a meditação do dia (Tempo de Refletir) e os programas "Encontro com as Profecias" e "Falando ao Coração", veiculados na Rádio Novo Tempo. Um presente da ...    3 MB    Views 526

Metronome ∞

metronome include highly accurate tempo
-9    Whether or not you're an aspiring recording artist, music teacher or student this highly accurate and customizable Metronome ∞ is the musthave for you Features Include: • Highly accurate time keeping • Choose between four sounds or silent mode • Adjustable Tempo and Meter • ...    35 MB    Views 7956


Related Apps green voice version touch bottom ipod tempo orange beat
0    LedOTronFree is a free and simplified version of LedOTron a simple way to make music. Simply start it up and touch the LED's. As the pulse reaches the LEDs you've lit, a note or chord will be produced. The green ...    18 MB    Views 8398


music beat rhythm pattern play tempo groove
0    "BEAT & BEAT" is drum machine. It generates many cool groove It's easy to change the rhythm pattern and tempo. 1. Select a rhythm. 2. Tap the button on the beat. That's all BEAT & BEAT calculate tempo from your tapping. You can play your imaginary ...    23 MB    Views 5342


-9    Get that DJ feeling anywhere, anytime. The SHAKE IT app allows anyone to enjoy lighthearted DJing through simple touch and shake. Very easy to use with its 12 kinds of rhythm loops, independent control of tempo and pitch, random loop playback, 1tap ...    6 MB    Views 2447

Tempo Counter

music frame tempo displayed average tapping beat button
+8    When you want to fix the tempo sensibly while compose music... When you want to know the tempo of music now playing... Then with this app, you can know the tempo of music immediately. After tapping "start button", the average tempo ...    3 MB    Views 9903
metronome tempo musicians beat
+15    iTempo is the stateoftheart Metronome for iPhone and iPod Touch designed by musicians for musicians. Newly redesigned and rethought from the groundup, iTempo v2 features: Familiar interface with rotary dial (supports Retina display) Advanced algorithms for an extremely stable and accurate ...    3 MB    Views 5611

S Metronome

+14    It is the metronome which it is simple and can operate. I omit many functions and make it minimum. The metronome is essential to the exercise of the musical instrument, but carrying around is recommended for a person to be troublesome. Main characteristic: I ...    2 MB    Views 6772

Click Track

bars track tempo click practice bpm 130
+25    Whether you are a musician or a dancer, If you are using a metronome, this Application is what you always wanted.. Click Track allows you to practice on tempo changes. You can set a track with up to 10 segments. Each segment ...    150 kb    Views 916

Pyxis - BPM Counter

Related Apps bpm tempo counter beats
+1    Pyxis is a simple but elegant manual BPM detector, especially designed for DJs. You can guess the BPM (Beats Per Minute) by tapping the round counter button continuously with the sophisticated analogic tempo calculation algorithm. Once your finger goes untouched for longer ...    25 MB    Views 604


lighting tempo segments timer
+5    Tempo Timer is a utility for Lighting Professionals, Video Sequencers and other productions specialists that need to layer effects over music. The user can select a tempo and set up the measure, segments and blocks for a show segments and ...    27 MB    Views 3134


Related Apps music spotify tempo
+10    Play music from Spotify by tempo. Perfect for dance classes, running or other activities where music tempo is important. Keep all your best tracks in one big playlist and let Tempofy filter out those you want. Requires Spotify Premium    8 MB    Views 6369

Raver's D'Lite

party tempo animated atmosphere lite
+4    If you are in a club or want to give the party your at a little atmosphere just turn down the lights and launch Ravers D'Lite. Choose from 5 different animated party starters. From colorful bouncing sound waves and VU meters ...    2 MB    Views 3191
Related Apps metronome tempo
+9    Are you a musician? When practicing music it is important to maintain a constant tempo. By adjusting the metronome, facility can be achieved at varying 'tempi'. Adjust the tempo (beats per minute) from 1 to 210. The time signature may ...    448 kb    Views 2774
metronome tempo trainer
0    This is not only a metronome but also a tempo trainer that allows you to train stability and speed of your tempo. Depending on your settings it goes mute for a while and lets you keep the tempo.    923 kb    Views 9875


0    Need to know the tempo of the song you are mixing? It's just a few taps away. Make sure you got the beat right with the built in metronome to visually confirm your tempo and you're all set. Did you come ...    2 MB    Views 9302
music measure tempo simple application indicator
0    Tempo Indicator in Your Pocket We have created this simple userfriendly application so that you could any time measure the tempo of any piece of music or any other periodic process. All you need to do is touch the screen with ...    3 MB    Views 5152
-2    The AwardWinning Ultimate Metronome is now available on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch This app is the answer to all your musical timekeeping needs Unlike other Metronome apps which require you to navigate through a clumsy interface to set the ...    10 MB    Views 815
detective music beat tempo song test
-9    Test your sense of tempo against your music collection. Pick a song, tap out the tempo from memory and see how close you are to the correct answer. • Play with any song in your music library • View and compare answers ...    8 MB    Views 5786

Analog Metronome

metronome tempo analog
-7    This application will bring you back to the traditional way of counting beat "Analog Metronome" is old style metronome which musicians used before digital metronome we use today Cool features : Tempo is controlled by finger, so very easy to ...    3 MB    Views 3138


time metronome arm tap drag tempo
+5    This simple metronome allows musicians to mark time by giving a regular tick sound at a selected rate. Drag the arm horizontally to start the arm. Tap to stop. Drag the arm vertically to change the tempo. Tap the "i" button ...    3 MB    Views 5434

Touch the Wave

tempo 100
+5    DJ Application. ・ 2 Players ・ Scratching ・ Variable Speed (100% to +100%) ・ BPMSync ・ Time Stretch ・ PitchBend ・ 2 Cue Points ・ Looping ・ Automatic Tempo Detection ・ Tap Tempo ・ 3Band Equalizer ・ Reverb ・ Delay ・ Reverse    2 MB    Views 1966

Moe Metronome

Related Apps metronome tempo practice
-3    This cute girl stands in for your metronome as she sets the tempo by snapping her fingers, tapping her feet and shaking her hips. She will make music practice fun in more than one way. The tempo sound is easy to the ...    4 MB    Views 2149
piano maroon songs play tempo loved
+15    The app all Maroon 5 fans have been waiting for is now finally out Now you can play piano versions of Maroon 5 songs on your iPhone / iPod Touch Don't know how to play the piano or how to read ...    8 MB    Views 7413

Tempo FM

0    Ta na Tempo, ta na boa    1 MB    Views 4180


+26    A simple, easy to use metronome with beautiful User Interface. You have the choice of entering the tempo with a scroll wheel, notch up/down buttons, or a tempo tapper.    4 MB    Views 7898

Tempo HD Piano

Related Apps piano tempo
+29    Turn your iPad into Piano with Tempo HD Piano perfect for learning the piano or just some simple fun.    10 MB    Views 2737


radio tempo
+30    TEMPO Radio, boosting 24/7 TRANCE music around the world, with the best DJs and producers in the worldwide    3 MB    Views 8181

Apptrack Pro

Related Apps video time track tracks tempo
-7    NOW AVAILABLE for 0.99 USD FOR A LIMITED TIME Apptrack is a easy to use audio and video multitrack recorder for iPhone and iPad. Apptrack records up to 9 video tracks and easily combines them to create your own singing group ...    36 MB    Views 1239

Prime TimeKeeper

Related Apps music metronome prime selections practice musical tempo
-6    Prime TimeKeeper is a metronome for both professionals and students that keeps time for preprogrammed multimeter music. In addition to the normal metronome with tempo, subdivisions, sound options and tap tempo, there is a library of music to select With ...    1 MB    Views 396
metronome tempo bpm 600 apps4idevices
+22    Accelerando Metronomo, an accelerating metronome for the practicing musician, helps musicians with speedbuilding practice in a relatively handsfree manner. You specify two tempos, and the metronome will gradually accelerate from one tempo to the other (max 600 bpm). This minimizes ...    2 MB    Views 2929


tap tempo bpm displayed button
-3    "BPM" is an application that displays the tempo when the button is done in the tap. When "Average mode" is made "on", the mean value of the tempo in which the tap is done is displayed. When it is "off", the ...    1 MB    Views 6954


music software magic iphone library mix stop tempo mixes countries touch characteristics
-3    Discover a new music mix with the MIXTRAX App. Derived from Pioneer’s experience in developing worldrenown professional DJ products, the MIXTRAX App analyzes the music library on your iPhone or iPod touch and effortlessly categorizes your music into unique nonstop mixes. Each ...    25 MB    Views 5465

Song Tempo

Related Apps song tempo playlists store play
+24    Song Tempo The professional metronome for performing musicians. Store the correct tempo of any song and use the unique flash indicator to play in perfect time Create different playlists for gigs. Share playlists online with band members and different mobile devices. Special tap ...    39 MB    Views 9216

OneDJ for iPhone

Related Apps music iphone library play touch functions sound song turntable beat tempo
-9    Let's Enjoy DJ by OneDJ. OneDJ is a professional DJ app. With OneDJ and using your music library in the iPhone, you can enjoy playing DJ anytime, anywhere. The multitouch user interface is designed as to operate comfortably in one screen, ...    2 MB    Views 1297

Tempo TV

0    Tempo Tv Iphone Uygulaması Yazılım Osman Biradlı & İsmail Hüyüklü Garantisistem Bilişim Teknolojileri    1 MB    Views 5186


Related Apps instrument email family color light touch button tune play tempo
+1    Hear the light See the sound... ColorfulThunder Instantly Transforms your iPhone or iPad into a colored light show music instrument that HARMONIZES with others running ColorfulThunder Play the same ColorNotes at the same tempo to harmonize with friends, family and fans. Enjoy ...    59 MB    Views 3151

Music BPM

Related Apps music bpm beats tempo minute
+2    Music BPM is a free 'Beats per Minute' (BPM) counter. Supports Apple Watch Need to know the tempo of a music track? Simply tap along with the beat to see the beats per minute. The last 10 and 20 beats are shown ...    4 MB    Views 3812

Pace Meter

meter pace tempo precision drummer beat
+25    Pace Meter is a free app designed for drummers and percussionists who care for their precision in every beat. By analyzing the sound captured by the device's internal microphone or by an external mic, Pace Meter precisely measures the tempo for ...    33 MB    Views 3696
-9    DelayTool allows producers, engineers, and musicians to quickly calculate delay times and oscillator frequencies for any tempo and subdivision. Tempo can be entered directly or by tapping. The corresponding values for full, triplet, and dotted subdivisions are shown immediately, in ...    3 MB    Views 192
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