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Eine Guitar

+6    Bundle of Music Video created by Eine Guitar(Japanese indie Creator) and Link to iTS(Songs using in these Videos). Cause of streaming Video,You must connect to Network,if you use this app. 8 music video and one landscape video is bundled.    386 kb    Views 5693
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+3    Interactive music video by Danish indie artist Anna Stengade.    31 MB    Views 1363
Related Apps kids music video youtube
+19    The best Kids Song Collection for your baby from YouTube High Video Quality (720p, 480p, 360p, ...) Favorites Playlist The list of songs is updated regularly: Alphabets, Number, Color, Animal, Birthday, Time, Activity, Family, Christmas ... ==> Enjoy now    10 MB    Views 5980
+13    How To Play Violin is the ultimate video guide for you to learn violin. Application Includes: How To Play The Violin Violin Tutorials Violin For Beginners Violin Scales Violin Notes Chinrest Violin Advanced Violin Violin History And Many More Get Your Copy today ...    3 MB    Views 7616
video chosen win big
0    Chosen is the first video competition app that everyone can play Whether you're a singer or musician, spectator or judge, quickly work your way up the ranks to get feedback, collect points, and win big. Pick the next big star, or share ...    26 MB    Views 4356


video mixes
+7    Jay E is the MultiPlatinum Producer behind artists Nelly and the St. Lunatics. He is also a world renown DJ and Video Mixer from the famous ScreenWerks crew. Download this free app to stream all his video mixes and audio mixes ...    6 MB    Views 2403
Related Apps guitar video lessons
+23    Full Access to over 1200 video lessons for one month for only 1 Guitar Jamz is the number 1 video resource of guitar lessons from the internet. All the lessons, are made by Marty Schwartz. Beginner Guitar Blues, Acoustic ...    4 MB    Views 150

Singa for Kids

kids video
-1    Singa for Kids is an innovative, entertaining app that brings children tons of fun while singing along to their favorite tunes. More specifically: With Singa's builtin Video/photo capture function, every beautiful moment is saved. One tap to share your video on youtube and ...    38 MB    Views 339
-6    Dailymotion is a videosharing website on which users can upload, watch and share videos. It is one of the biggest video platforms in the world, offering a mix of content from users, independent creators and premium partners. App supports you ...    8 MB    Views 1386
-6    Panoramic 360 video player with MultiView Technology and Gesture Control for paperbased Virtual Reality viewers (Google Cardboard) that allows users to switch between cameras instantly, freely look around and become the director of a show. Regular content is made available via our servers.    30 MB    Views 2090
Related Apps video tabla play guide complete
-7    How To Play Tabla is the complete video guide for you to learn tabla. Application Includes: How To Play Tabla Tabla For Beginners Tabla Beats Tabla Ensembles Fusion Get Your Copy today before this weekend    3 MB    Views 6068

Meas Sorphear

video stereo system
+12    Ms. Meas Sorphear APP has 125 songs and 46 video. After you sync the video through WIFI, you can watch them anywhere. It also has photo album, tour information, and biography. It plays like iPod Player when your device goes ...    8 MB    Views 1369
+6    Now supports iPhone and iPod touch You are the music video director, telling a fully 3D character when to dance, what to wear, changing cameras and scenes and even launching special FX. This is the first release featuring "It's Raining, It's Samba" ...    59 MB    Views 7384
video dictionary musical knowledge lessons
-1    One of the best dictionary, wiki, and free video lessons collection of Musical Knowledge in AppStore. This app covers the terms and study of the all the musical knowledge. More content is in updating, please keep us informed if you have ...    21 MB    Views 7068


video scene
+21    Jacqueries is a revolutionary hybrid of live performance and mobile technology. A heist story told through movement, music, and video, the audience follows performers from scene to scene in urban locations, while listening to a synchronized score and viewing onscreen ...    640 MB    Views 760
Related Apps video flute play guide complete
+8    How To Play Flute is the complete video guide for you to Learn Flute. Application Includes: How To Play The Flute Flute Tutorials Flute For Beginners Advanced Flute Flute Notes Flute Scales Flute Techniques Get Your Copy today before this weekend    3 MB    Views 9276
video dance music learn share
-9    The only application to learn to dance, sing and play the hit THE 'YEAR: AI SE EU TE PEGO MICHEL TELO ' (Assim Você me mata) LANGUAGE: ENGLISH RUSSIAN GERMAN JAPANESE CHINESE ROMANIAN FRENCH ALBANIAN ...    3 MB    Views 7466

Tube Recorder Free

Related Apps video youtube view list tube
+6    Tube Record is an unofficial YouTube Application. Features: 1. Play an online YouTube video 2. Share video with FaceBook & Twitter 3. Access your YouTube Account's favorites, playlists, view later and more 4. Create, edit, delete a playlist 5. Choose resolution modes Large, Medium, Small 6. View ...    4 MB    Views 9750

Add Music To Video

Related Apps music video add
-6    Easily add music to your videos Add songs from your music library or use our builtin music. Then, save your new video directly to the Photos app where you can watch and share.    10 MB    Views 227
-7    Utility for legal listening to hits from around the world Choose some music, and then listen it and watch the music video for free. You'll find all the latest hits Categories: Single / Album / Video The song's cover art is downloaded automatically.    4 MB    Views 2599
+18    "Video to Audio" converter will help you extract audio from video. "Video to Audio": Most video formats are supported: MP4, MOV, M4V; Extract audio tracks from video files and save them in most popular audio file formats MP4A, AAC; Fast ...    1 MB    Views 769


video beat tracks track youtube
0    Take the famous "Hyperactive" Youtube hit and create your own unique catchy beat. Tap to make one beat after another Play the track as a real video sequence Change the length of each part separately Export to YouTube, Facebook, via ...    17 MB    Views 760

The Bob Rivers Show

+18    The Bob Rivers Show Archives and more. Enjoy video highlights, podcasts, and much more. Features include: Streaming Bob Rivers Show audio Video Highlights Classic Podcasts of the show    3 MB    Views 9210


+4    If you want to listen to music, or watch a video from Youtube, TubeInstant is a lightweight application and has very fast loading speed like real time. All you need is just typing and your video will play in only 12 ...    3 MB    Views 8483

Guitar Teacher Pro

video guitar touch hold finger
+12    All the best guitar video tutorials on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Want to learn how to play the solo from Comfortably Numb? Want to see the licks from Voodoo Chile? If so, Guitar Tutor is your app • enter ...    3 MB    Views 9574

My Vid List

video simply online favorite
+7    MyVidList is a video bookmarking and video playback application. It allows you to keep track of your favorite video or music content(MP4, MOV, MP3) that you may fine online. Simply enter a title, the videos URI, and a brief description ...    4 MB    Views 4385

Waaau TV

+3    WAAAU.TV es un canal de video online de contenido diario centrado en la actualidad de música indie. Videos exclusivos de actuaciones en directo, entrevistas, conciertos, reportajes y noticias. Cada dia te ofrecemos un nuevo video exclusivo en portada, en calidad ...    7 MB    Views 6614

Stapple Media

Related Apps video user scene play list
+20    Click Play Shop Yes it’s a new user experience StappleMedia allows you to select the video from the list , Play video and staple any scene . We will provide you all the matching items that are there ...    21 MB    Views 2149

How To Play Drum

Related Apps drum video play guide
-3    Drum Video Guide is the best video guide for you to learn to play Drum. Application Includes: How to Play Drum For Beginners Advanced Drum Lessons Play along Drum Drum Kit Popular Drum Song Tips & Tricks Get Your Copy today before ...    3 MB    Views 3167

Video In Khmer

video khmer
+18    Video In Khmer is app which collection of video in Cambodia.    18 MB    Views 3346

All Videos

video place
+4    All video in one place. You can view your favorite video portals in one place. 100% Free. More features are coming soon in new versions that you will love the most. Give us the good response.    383 kb    Views 7917
Related Apps music video japanese
+8    ・JAPANESE MUSIC VIDEO ONLY TV application ・You Can watch the Official Japanese music video like MTV. ・Discover new japanese music    270 kb    Views 9416

PicsToVideo - MV

video templates import backgrounds
-5    Build photos to video operation to operate Multiple rollover effect App allows you to import music from library App has builtin a lot of video backgrounds templates, including dynamic and static templates the user can also import backgrounds from the ...    39 MB    Views 933


playing video
+19    Finally An app made JUST for the Music Video lover • Supports Portrait or Landscape modes. • Pick a video from any of your favorite playlists. You can also shuffle or play straight through any playlist. • Go ahead, switch between Apps. MusicVideoPlayer ...    1014 kb    Views 967

120BPM App

Related Apps video music beats
-9    120BPM beats are excellent for professional use. They are indispensable for anyone involved in Hiphop and Dj's in Clubs as well as music or loops for commercials, video, interviews, or on air talk shows. Whether it be for a Hip ...    2 MB    Views 5647

Ghanaian Music

music video nigeria
+1    Listen and Watch your Favorite Nigeria Music video of Nigeria's top music stars. free all on this app. Disclaimer: This app does not host any music content but simply links to publicly accessible video sources. If there is any issue, kindly ...    25 MB    Views 7834
+29    Choose any song from your iTunes library, and create a quality video in a short amount of time with little effort. Add filters, transitions and effects on the fly as you create Use “timetap” to create a sequence of photos by ...    12 MB    Views 9132
Related Apps video harmonica step play guide
+13    How To Play Harmonica is the best video guide for you to learn harmonica. Application Includes: How to Play Harmonica Harmonica For Beginners Harmonica Tabs Harmonica Step By Step Harmonica Notes Harmonica Songs Harmonica Lessons Get Your Copy today before this weekend    2 MB    Views 7977
video poker play hottest texas
+17    This is the Hottest Video Poker game in the store Come play hands with the hottest Cowgirls from Texas Super fun Play for hours.    14 MB    Views 5306


video mobile cells barcelona
0    Mobile Cells NOW is an emotive trip around the Raval, one of the most evocative neighborhoods of Barcelona (Spain). Each video clip is linked to a specific emotion that modifies the perception of the spirit of the district. Enjoy them Through this ...    3 MB    Views 6503

Video Scratch

video scratch
+30    Shoot videos then scratch them like a VJ Video Scratch, the Baby Scratch of video, is the first mobile video scratch app in the world Time is your Plaything Features: • video scratch • fast forward/rewind • smooth 60fps playback • record and play back your performances • ...    2 MB    Views 8277


+2    CandyBallism is the interactive video release of the track of the same name by AntiStressGene. Instead of watching the video on YouTube, users can download the application and listen to the music while creating their own version of the video.    10 MB    Views 8946


library video mix
+10    Mux is a simple, fast, and incredibly efficient way to mix the magic of audio and video together in the palm of your hands. Use Mux to mix and match your recorded media any way you like Load a video from your ...    2 MB    Views 7574

Deejay Callen

video deejay
+3    Deejay Callen is know world wide for is unique and talented music video editing and mixing skills. Download this free app to stream all his video mixes straight to your iPhone; keep up with his appearances and events; and, stay connected ...    6 MB    Views 9568
video facebook youtube merge
+3    Merge and add background music to your video and save it to camera roll in order to upload to facebook, youtube, instatgram etc...    3 MB    Views 7924
Related Apps music video
+23    Create a music video of the original by combining the music within iTunes and videos are stored in the mobile phone. You can save the album in the terminal video that you created, Upload, share can be Facebook, youtube, to line.    6 MB    Views 6366


news video
-7    L'app ufficiale di Bianca Lopez. Adesso puoi essere aggiornato su qualunque cosa di Bianca Lopez, concerti, video e ricevere news inviate in tempo reale da lei stessa, adesso a portata di Smartphone. Stay updated su video, foto ed altro... P.S. i contenuti delle ...    1 MB    Views 3699
Related Apps video harmonica play step guide
+1    How To Play Harmonica is the best video guide for you to learn harmonica. Application Includes: How to Play Harmonica Harmonica For Beginners Harmonica Tabs Harmonica Step By Step Harmonica Notes Harmonica Songs Harmonica Lessons Get Your Copy today before this weekend    2 MB    Views 3821

A Zae Production

music video production
+3    A Zae Production is one of the most leading premium music video companies with a platform of over 284 million views globally and counting. A Zae has a library of over 400 plus music videos of exclusive and original content ...    46 MB    Views 4124


Related Apps video media play network
+4    A Simple Video Player Can play all major video specially network media (such rtmp,rtsp,hls,http mp4) To play a network stream , input the media url on top of the screen ,then press GO button on the visual keyboard.    9 MB    Views 4520

Speranta Media

media video pentru
0    Aplicatia Speranta Media prezinta toate clipurile video publicate de Misiunea Speranta, intrun mod bine structurat pentru un acces usor la resursele crestine favorite. Urmatoarele functionalitati sustin acest lucru: Posibilitatea de a vizualiza si de a fi la curent cu cele ...    3 MB    Views 3404

kuduro DANZA

dance video photos
Related Apps drum video play guide
+4    Drum Video Guide is the best video guide for you to learn to play Drum. Application Includes: How to Play Drum For Beginners Advanced Drum Lessons Play along Drum Drum Kit Popular Drum Song Tips & Tricks Get Your Copy today before ...    3 MB    Views 5218

+2 is the 1st & biggest video sharing website in Malaysia, this app allow user to watch, uploads, and share video from anywhere in the world.    1 MB    Views 224


video art live based
+18    TAKCOM / Takafumi Tsuchiya is a Tokyo based Director.Currently focused on making experimental video art works and VJing/ live video performance. He graduated from the art department of cinema at Nihon University in 2002 and since then, has been working ...    18 MB    Views 3153


video audio playlists culture
+12    Milq: A Playlist for Every Idea. Created Together. On Milq, anyone can ask a question about culture, and everyone helps answer it with video and audio. We call these playlists "playable conversations" about music, sports, food, film, fashion, books, and more. ...    30 MB    Views 1730
video movie people share voices
+23    Make your own video with hundreds of ready made voices ranging from music, animal voices, nature, people, song, and many others. Be a star. Make your own movie. We provide you the sound, you act and together we make a great ...    8 MB    Views 7519


Related Apps video latest official
-3    Download the official iCharles app. To keep up with all the latest news on iCharles iCharles Shop Purchase from the official iCharles online store. Access iCharles catalog at your finger tips. Instagram Tired of running into false iCharles. Make sure you are ...    26 MB    Views 7126
Related Apps video player
+3    Sigma Player is the best multimedia player, which has simple and easytouse interface and supports a big range of different file formats, video and audio codecs. Make your own playlist Search your favorite videos.
 searching by song, album and artist.    7 MB    Views 1440
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