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+5    This application applies the famous (and funny) helium effect to your voice. If you never used Helium, you'll be amazed : the pitch of your voice will totally change to become higher and you will sound like a cartoon caracter. Let the ...    15 MB    Views 986

Voice of Charity

+29    Listen live to Voice of Charity / Sawt el Mahaba    5 MB    Views 6851

Pug Synth

0    Everybody's favorite musical pugs are back this time for FREE Definitely the puggiest two voice synthesizer on the app store. Dress your pugs up in costumes for different voices everything from a snowy wonderful bleepy voice to a swampy ...    12 MB    Views 1111

Reverse Converse

0    Reverse Converse is a simple voice reversing toy. Say something to the microphone and you'll hear reversed voice immediately. You can save recorded reversed voice and send it via Email. Note; An external microphone is required for iPod touch.    1 MB    Views 1355

Voice Tone HD

+5    "Voice Tone HD" will create a scale to change the pitch of recorded sound. Create a vertical pitch of the sound around the 13 original sound.    15 MB    Views 3505

MI Voice

+2    MI Voice was launched to provide you with the most entertaining programs and the latest Arabic hits, Magazine and directory for local businesses.    14 MB    Views 3267

Yahala Voice

voice arabic
+5    Yahala Voice is on Online Arabic Radio Station with Live shows, Streaming the lastest Arabic Music 24/7.    5 MB    Views 8888
+6    Simple voice recording keyboard allows you to record up to three sounds. Play your burp, fart, or custom recording with the included song or create your own    678 kb    Views 6918

The Voice 97.7 FM

voice radio
+5    The Voice 97.7 FM will present to the public a new, refreshing stereo radio sound. The presenters on the radio station will be professional personalities, which over time; will become identifiable characters within the community with whom everyone relates. Where ...    2 MB    Views 6535
+10    Sing and Share specially design for guys to share voice with world. Features: Share on Sound Cloud Share via Email Dropbox Upload (Next Version Update) Configure Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare to share on these social platforms.    8 MB    Views 3688

It. Diction

-2    Italian Diction for Singers is an interactive App for singers and conductors performing in Italian. It includes over 100 audio examples of Italian vowel and consonant sounds, an IPA guide, rules for singing in Italian as well as a built ...    9 MB    Views 9524

Soziale Musik

music voice musik loops
+4    Soziale Musik (social music) allows to play 82 of the 147 short loops of the original solo oeuvre by Christoph Gallio.

 The saxophone is not osculated or dissected with innovative zeal, but rather scanned for its linguistic character. Not a catalog ...    25 MB    Views 6605
-4    Using your voice play any song, album or artist in Spotify. Song Genie understands what you mean, just like Siri. Say what you want to hear Use "HandsFree mode" when driving. Song Genie automatically listens for a command when the app is opened.    4 MB    Views 444
+5    New Paradigm Of Christian Living Voice of Truth atau Suara Kebenaran adalah sebuah program pemberitaan Kebenaran yang berdasarkan Injil yg murni dan sepenuh. Suara Kebenaran ini akan membawa paradigma atau cara berfikir yang sesuai kebenaran Alkitab.    14 MB    Views 5315
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-7    How To Sing is the ultimate video guide for you to learn singing. Application Includes: How To Sing Singing Lessons Warm Up the Voice Sing High Notes Sing Vibrato Improve Singing Voice Sing In Tune Singing Posture Singing Tips Get Your Copy ...    2 MB    Views 416

Voice Mangler

voice recording control played sounds speed
-3    MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUR OTHER APP "SYNTHPAD". Did you ever want to hear what your voice sounds like in slow motion? or played twice as fast? Do you want to know how your name sounds backwards? You can do these ...    233 kb    Views 3312


+1    Special Offer VidCreator is the best Video Making. Unlimited Photo can select to make video. Adding multiple photo with songs or record voice, it can convert as video. It can add songs from playlist. it can add recorded voice to make video. It have ...    13 MB    Views 536


voice talk tone crazy friends speak
+1    Do you want your friends can't speak? They are Crazy? Crazy Voice will make your friends are unable to speak a single word. Connect a closed headphones, set delay and begin to talk (Try to talk). Try reciting a verse, a tongue ...    1 MB    Views 792
+1    The Voice of Afghanistan Official Mobile Application Get the latest new information pictures and videos about The Voice of Afghanistan. You can also easily access The Facebook and Twitter feeds and interact with us    35 MB    Views 2083
voice sea red
+22    Plays The Voice of the red sea Israel the voice of the red sea קול הים האדום    14 MB    Views 9074

Ragga Lox

artist voice reggae stage
0    Ragga Lox Radio finally comes to your mobile device. Listen to him as he broadcast live from his studio 30hrs weekly plush his music playing 24/7 otherwise. Reggae recording artist, Ragga Lox is a real expression of lyrical talent. His Smooth ...    12 MB    Views 9780

Kanons Ringtone

voice ringtone sound alarm
+14    "Kanons Ringtone" is a voice application that can be used free incoming ringtone, notification sound, alarm sound, etc.. Kanonchan's voice that appeared in the app "Kanon" sister of topic boil alarm system is smart phone ringtone Send a voice email that you ...    3 MB    Views 7796

reface capture

library voice capture voices custom lets
+2    reface capture lets you store and recall reface Voices on iOS. Each stored Voice can be rated, named and given a custom image from your photo library. There's also a builtin audition function to playback preset phrases on your connected ...    NAN    Views 9085
voice musical tune fruit festive
+4    Unleash the musical genius in you with the F&N Musical Fruit Buddies this festive season Give the gift of love by sending a personalised musical voice greeting Just select your favourite festive tune, play the tune guided by the fruit buddies and ...    33 MB    Views 4768

Voice Piano

+15    VoicePiano will be the only one musical instruments for you. Very easy to use, just to record and play four original sounds, i.e. your funny voice, baby's crying, your pets', something noise and whatever you want to play.You can set the ...    780 kb    Views 527

Guess the Artist

artist voice play guess style
+1    Can you name an artist by their voice or musical style? Guess the Artist includes 3 awesome ways to play solo, speed, and multiplayer "An insanely fun and addicting app. One of the best apps I've downloaded in a while. ...    16 MB    Views 6636

KNR Voice

voice den med kan
+20    Nu er din lokale hitradio VOICE of Greenland blevet så lokal at du kan have den hånden. Med denne app i hånden eller i lommen, kan du høre os over alt. Streaming af live radio, også i baggrundstilstand. ...    35 MB    Views 7921


+18    Monophonic keyboard app with voice filter The sound from oscillator changes like human voice through voice filter.(formant filters) The Voice filter is modulated with the voice motion pattern driven by ADSR envelope; also manually controllable. other features: 8 programs 8 patterns for voice ...    3 MB    Views 5334
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+13    "Play with your voice" utaOrgan is beautiful sampling keyboard. It can play recorded your own voice. Time you can record is only 2 seconds What do you talk? NOTE. The original voice that you recorded is the position in A on bottom keyboard. The sound may ...    5 MB    Views 7378

Community Voice FM

voice community competition
-1    Community Voice FM are pleased to be able to introduce their very own iOS app. With live streaming, request forwarding and competition entry all included you are sure not to miss out. The App also contains local news headlines which are updated ...    4 MB    Views 5482
voice power
-9    Are you noisy? Check the power of your scream Download the app and find power of your voice in decibels (dB) Decibel Scale Near total silence 0 dB A whisper 15 dB Normal conversation 60 dB A lawnmower 90 dB A car ...    5 MB    Views 4288

Sonic Vortex

Related Apps music voice
+10    A new and unique way to interact with your iTunes music or your voice/music/sounds through microphone. Simply and easily draw patterns on the screen and watch as they magically animate and react to music and your voice.    27 MB    Views 2254

Free DJ Voice

Related Apps voice free
-5    Welcome to Free DJ Voice We build this app to help you relaxing on your iPhone, this app will allow you tap any button and it will play sound, music then you can combine and mixing them together to create your ...    3 MB    Views 1337
singing video voice sing guide complete
-6    How To Sing is the complete video guide for you to learn singing. Application Includes: How To Sing Singing Lessons Warm Up the Voice Sing High Notes Sing Vibrato Improve Singing Voice Sing In Tune Singing Posture Singing Tips Get Your Copy ...    2 MB    Views 919
voice record
+5    Record your voice or load it from iPod library and make it like Minion's Voice Record video with your voice and make it like Minion's Voice. Save and Share it to your family and friends.    NAN    Views 7009
Related Apps singing voice sing guide
+27    How To Sing is the complete video guide for you to learn singing. Application Includes: How To Sing Singing Lessons Warm Up the Voice Sing High Notes Sing Vibrato Improve Singing Voice Sing In Tune Singing Posture Singing Tips Get Your Copy ...    3 MB    Views 8082

Power 106.1

voice power 106 features
+3    Power 106.1 is Duval's Tru Hip Hop station. Now you can take POWER 106.1 wherever you go. Listen to POWER 106.1 live, let your voice be heard by picking the music we play or sending us your request or shoutout ...    15 MB    Views 678

Sound Eater

0    "Sound eater" is the caring game that you can bring up characters with your voice. Give your voice to it and see how it will change its form. Please enjoy.    16 MB    Views 8490

Classic Beat Maker

Related Apps drum voice classic kit samples maker beat
+10    Classic Beat Maker is a drum machine that allows you to impose your voice over the drum samples. Only best hiphop and drum samples Animated pads Multitouch Araabmuzik kit Swizz Beatz kit Record and play your voice over drum beats No Ads Important: do not use silence mode ...    12 MB    Views 1442

GoStudio Free

Related Apps voice email instrumental record lyrics
+4    GoStudio gives its users the ability to record their voice over an instrumental. They can do so with or without headphones, this feature mixes their voice over the instrumental. It also gives them an option to email their work to ...    5 MB    Views 3646

MJWG Voice Studios

singing voice lessons book
+22    I am Nottingham's first Certified Institute for Vocal Advancement Singing Teacher, and I provide singing lessons in Nottingham and worldwide via Skype. My clients range from absolute beginners to seasoned gigging and recording professionals. Download my app to get access to book ...    18 MB    Views 1544

Andy Voice

voice andy
+16    Dies ist die offizielle Andy Voice App für`s Smartphone Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos, VIP`s Infos, Veranstaltungen und Termine landen so direkt in deiner Hosentasche. Viel spassssss    NAN    Views 2254


Related Apps voice play
+25    ✪ Record your voice ✪ Play your voice back as a little girl ✪ Play your voice back as an old man ✪ Play your voice back as a scary monster ✪ Play your voice back as a Dalek robot ✪ Play your voice backwards ✪ ...    1 MB    Views 7295

wub wub

voice dubstep bass wobble
+8    wub wub wub wub wub wub wub Ever experienced a drop so filthy you immediately had to shower? Addicted to the wobble bass? Then this app is for you wub wub is a necessity for any dubstep fan. Speak into the microphone ...    2 MB    Views 4380

Chipmunk Voice

Related Apps voice chipmunk pitch
-6    Talk like a chipmunk Just speak into your iPhone and hit a button to hear yourself as a highpitched chipmunk. Utilizing modern DSP technology, the Chipmunk Voice app lets you raise the pitch of your voice without affecting the speed of ...    1 MB    Views 6915

1 wub wub delux

voice audio dubstep
+5    1 wub wub delux is the premium dubstep voice audio mixer app. Automatically transform your voice into a dubstep dream. Speak into the microphone and let wub wub take over Everything you know and love about wub wub with full features ...    2 MB    Views 4593

Voice Of Grace

voice grace
+5    Voice of Grace radio mobile application for AntiochPatriarchate.Org    687 kb    Views 3970

铃声 for iOS 10.

Related Apps ringtone ringtones voice features seconds record
+1    Tired of your iPhone genericsounding ringtones? Would you like to create your own ringtone with your favorite song? Ringtone Builder is a smart ringtone converter app. You can easily make personal ringtones and text ringtones from any songs in your iPod music, you ...    8 MB    Views 4854
singing voice video sing guide complete
+2    How To Sing is the complete video guide for you to learn singing. Application Includes: How To Sing Singing Lessons Warm Up the Voice Sing High Notes Sing Vibrato Improve Singing Voice Sing In Tune Singing Posture Singing Tips Get Your Copy ...    3 MB    Views 9400
voice lessons vocal world
+17    Voice Lessons, Vocal Technique Videos, Singing Tips and Articles can be yours with Voice Lessons To The World: The App Inspired by the popular voice show from New York Vocal Coaching and Justin Stoney, this App brings voice lessons from ...    8 MB    Views 1012


voice horror party sounds scene
+24    In this application, there are a lot of sound effects of the party scene and the horror scene. Sounds detail [PARTY SOUNDS] laugh,claps,booing,fanfafe,drumroll etc. [HORROR SOUNDS] shout,zombie,witch,scary,wolf etc. [XXX SOUNDS]for restrict the voice woman voice,pistol,alerm etc.    9 MB    Views 5951

Voice Tone Ad

Related Apps voice tone sound pitch create
+5    ”Voice Tone Ad" will create a scale to change the pitch of recorded sound. Create a vertical pitch of the sound around the 13 original sound. "Voice Tone Ad" has the same function as the ”Voice Tone". However, this application will display ...    15 MB    Views 8219
voice warm step
+10    • App is designed for those who are looking to enrich their voice while preventing injury and going hoarse. You will start with the essential basics and work your way into some advanced exercises to expand the range and strengthen ...    6 MB    Views 1440
voice evil vocoder alien speak
+22    Change your voice with vocoder. Record and playback your speech and have fun with your friends Four voice styles available: Evil for a scary voice Robot for a mechanic style Chorus for a musical voice Borg for evil cyborg voice Burp, ...    1 MB    Views 9612

Voice Wizard

voice wizard
+27    Voice Wizard allows you to change your voice. In addition, you can also send the modified files to your friends via email or text.    366 kb    Views 3889
music voice changer support super male female
+7    Super Music Changer is a professional voice change software, which support voice changer, recording and playback.You can use file sharing to get all the changed files. You also can make funny music ,which can used for chat, telephone ringing and ...    2 MB    Views 1525

Indian Link Radio

Related Apps radio voice australia indian link community
+2    Radio, online, Indian, Indian Link, Australia. Indian Link is the most prominent voice of the Indian subcontinent community in Australia. As the leading newspaper, the Indian Link has set new standards in journalism and production. It reaches thousands of homes ...    4 MB    Views 617

Microphone Monkey

voice time monkey recordings messages tired
+8    Are you tired of sending voice messages or recordings one at a time? The answer is here Get your very own Monkey to take multiple recordings and send them to as many people (or yourself) as you would like in ...    17 MB    Views 7130
voice midi controller pitch signals
+11    MIDI Voice Controller is an audio to MIDI converter that converts the pitch of your voice (or musical instruments) into MIDI note signals. The app detects one pitch at a time (i.e., melodies only). MIDI signals can be used to ...    7 MB    Views 5342

Soundboard Symphony

soundboard voice symphony
0    Become your own barbershop quartet Soundboard Symphony gives your voice the power to resound four times as convincingly. Customize each button's appearance and caption, record your beautiful dulcet tones, save your favorites for later use and you're ready to be the ...    4 MB    Views 8463
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