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+21    Beware There’s a Predator on the loose Gratefully, Rishabh Rajan is here to tame this ravenous, Rob Papen synth and show you how you can get it producing those rapacious sounds that’ll transform your tracks into true monsters. App Features: • 102 ...    246 MB    Views 71

Love iRadio

+19    Love is All Around Enjoy the best Love Radio Stations around the world. + In this version (1.3) you are able to Record your love message using your voice and be able to send it to the station that you were listening ...    10 MB    Views 8074


0    Pianola HD is a beautiful electronic keyboard synthesizer, capable of reproducing sound only obtainable with the more famous and expensive audio synthesizers on the market. You can try your arrangements, agreements at any time of day and in any place, simply ...    8 MB    Views 2222


+13    SubRemote provides remote control nearly all of the DSP function of PE1200WQ and PE2400WQ subwoofer amps. SubRemote connects wirelessly to PE1200WQ/PE2400WQ's WiFi network .You could freely making adjustment at your favorite home listening spot , optimize your sub that suitable ...    143 kb    Views 1408


+4    SIDPAD is a flexible 8bit style synthesizer offering many features: 3 Voice Synthesizer Over 40 controllable parameters to create a wide range of 8 bit chiptune sounds. All knobs midi controllable Multimode Filter includes Type, Cutoff, Resonance and customizable Cutoff Envelope Flexible Modulation Hand draw up ...    8 MB    Views 3983


audio stereo pass effects paste files marker volume filter high
+30    The envelope based Swiss army knife for audio files on iPhone and iPod Touch. Edit the wave form directly just by touching it. Set selections to copy and paste within files or even paste from another file. Dynamically change volume ...    6 MB    Views 7782

Giant Isopod

supports filter midi types volume pitch noise square sync
-5    Giant Isopod is a synthesizer to generate noise. Let's try and drown in the noise coming from the depths of the sea Features Oscillator Two Oscillators Four Wave Types: Saw / Square / Noise / Magic Pitch Sync Filter Three Filter Types: BPF / HPF / ...    30 MB    Views 4618
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+13    All best music genre are collected here for you. So, don't miss this chance to leave mark in history of this music world. Everything's already prepared for you best mix pads with powerful samples and loops, sounds fx, voice ...    56 MB    Views 8385
ribbon frequency key octave synth filter
-4    The Cyanide Ribbon Synth is a virtual analog synthesizer with a key ribbon that can generate any frequency in a 16+ semitone span. The key images guide you toward notes tuned to A440. It includes a filter and an LFO that ...    2 MB    Views 1884
-4    Love the sound of the 303 acid bass lines? Can't resist the BOOM of the the classic 808 drum kit? Here's a formula to consider: 303+808=Studio1111 Studio1111 is an allinone workstation and composing environment offering a wide selection of tools and modes to ...    19 MB    Views 4916

Stroke Machine

Related Apps clock audio voice time hardware modulation effect stage sample midi filter band high sound generator
-5    Stroke Machine is a professional Groove Synthesizer for the iPad. New: • Play your percussion sounds in the new Pad view. • Mix your tracks in the new Mix view. • Assign MIDI Controllers to any sound, effect or mixer parameter to control them ...    57 MB    Views 8050


-2    Virtual Analog Synthesizer 4 voice oscillator x2 low pass filter 24db/oct filter ADSR amp ADSR LFO auto arpeggio delay mono/poly alt 32 program Youtube :    2 MB    Views 6570


iphone audio filter lfo screen touch cutoff signal line maximum
-3    Filterer is a chunky little lowpass filter with resonance and an LFO. Here’s the featurelist… first finger down on the screen has XY touch control over the filter cutoff and filter resonance. second finger down on the screen has XY touch ...    3 MB    Views 1768

Synth - Crazy Green

green sounds crazy filter axis gyroscope bank series 128 volume
-9    The Crazy Green is a apart of a series, Crazy Red and Crazy Blue. If you are looking for ordinary sounds then this is not for you, the crazy series created to provide a solution to the sounds that were ...    16 MB    Views 7677


audio filter pass high shelf stereo manager lfo
+2    The Dub Filter is a dual lowpass/highpass 24/48 dB filter, with resonance and the exclusive Overlap parameter It contains a completely redesigned stereo sample player with LFO and scrubbing capabilities. Main Features: Audiobus and InterApp Audio support (sender and FX) State Variable ...    9 MB    Views 8058

PreSonus UC Surface

ipad surface presets mixer filter channels control fader mini quick
+17    PreSonus UC Surface With the addition of our new Filter DCA feature, PreSonus UC Surface™ for iPad is by far the most powerful, easytouse, battleready control mix software in this quadrant of the galaxy. Designed for StudioLive™ RM32AI and RM16AI Active ...    34 MB    Views 5316
filter part envelope image shape synthesis global frequency
+24    Harmor is an additive synthesis monster In this 45tutorial course, GW Childs explains how this ImageLine, instrument will change the way you think about making music App Features: • 94 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no internet connection ...    199 MB    Views 9424

iDousyn Lite

instrument music filter pass ideal high oscillators create electronic synthesis
+12    iDousyn turns your iPad into a polyphonic synthesizer to create perfect music anywhere and anytime, packed with hundreds of high quality presets for continuous improvement in music production. iDousyn is ideal as an electronic musical instrument designed to produce artificially generated ...    8 MB    Views 7221

Beats Machine A-z

+6    The Beats Machine Az combines all the greatest hits of old and new drum machines, but we decided to give there our on twist. • Unique Filter • Crazy Slider • Hot Hold Button • 5 Polyphonic • 21 Sounds Bank • Gyroscope Y Axis Filter • ...    8 MB    Views 1744


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-5    SPECIAL SALE GET THE 'UPGRADE TO FULL' FOR ONLY /€1.99 (80% OFF) THROUGH INAPP PURCHASE FOR LIMITED TIME THE PROQUALITY DJ MIXING APP DJ Rig FREE is a fullfeatured, doubledeck DJ mixing app for iPhone. It provides instant songplaying from the device’s ...    29 MB    Views 1367

iSyn Poly

drum time ipad keyboard editing recording apple instruments audio filter full songs user patterns
-3    60% off for a limited time iSyn Poly is an electronic music studio for use with Apple iPad. iSyn Poly places an unbelievable number of features including three studioquality, fully programmable virtual analog synthesizers and a drum machine packed ...    13 MB    Views 1370


type filter midi resonance built store delay cutoff
+14    Get the most out of your Theremini with ThereMIDI a unique controller and patch editor. Patch Editor: ThereMIDI allows full realtim control of the following parameters: VCO waveform, transpose, wavetable scan rate and more VCF cutoff frequency, resonance, filter type and key ...    4 MB    Views 6924
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-1    Picky is for people particular about their music; it gives you full control over how you browse and listen to your albums and songs. ‣ Picky keeps your Artists and Albums lists uncluttered by hiding those with only a few songs ...    2 MB    Views 916

Modular Synthesizer

audio design beauty music modular synthesizer sound modules band synthesis build powerful filter
+4    TAKE YOUR MUSIC TO THE NEXT LEVEL Modular, the ultimate synthesizer that will revolutionize your sound The latest update requires iOS 7 for Audiobus 2.1 Compatibility • High fidelity virtual analog synthesis using band limited oscillators and oversampled filters • Audiobus and background audio ...    36 MB    Views 9196


-5    Filtatron is a realtime audio filter and effects engine. Use sound from sound sources: Line/microphone input Sampler Builtin oscillator Import any song on your iDevice into the Sampler. Run a sound through a virtual version of the famous Moog filter with a little ...    33 MB    Views 6418
ipad filter patches oscillator reverse envelope waves control release
-6    iSynth is a virtual monophonic analogsynthesizer for your iPad. iSynth is designed and optimized for live performances. Features At A Glance: Dual Oscillator: Generating square, triangle, saw tooth and reverse saw tooth waves. Octave selector Lag processor CrossFader Oscillator finetuning Oscillator ...    1 MB    Views 6050


instrument music filter ideal pass electronic presets easy sounds high oscillators
+3    iDousyn turns your iPad into an ideal polyphonic synthesizer to create music anywhere and anytime, packed with hundreds of high quality presets for continuous improvement in music production. iDousyn is ideal as an electronic musical instrument designed to produce sounds artificially ...    272 MB    Views 2860


-8    A versatile 4band parametric stereo equalizer for everything between subtle frequency enhancements and agressive boosting/cutting or special resonator effects. This app is part of the AUFX series, a collection of simple and powerful audio effect apps. • High quality 32bit DSP engine. • ...    3 MB    Views 2954


fall filter sawtooth oscillator album envelope
+4    Special Price for a limited time Get the app Gorillaz used on album "The Fall" A classic monophonic synthesizer with a clean and simple interface. Allows virtually infinite sound design possibilities. olsynth is featured on the Gorillaz latest album ...    2 MB    Views 1078


surface instrument touch red delay filter letter bank patch set
-3    SynthPad is an instrument inspired by the interface of the Korg Kaossilator family of devices. Instead relying on piano keys to register notes, SynthPad uses a dedicated touch surface to control the sounds. Additionally the YAxis on the touch surface ...    303 kb    Views 8456


keyboard music virtual module modulation modules keys control modes sound filter
0    September sale Get synthQ for 40% off until the 17th Requires iOS 7.0 or higher Introducing the queuing synthesizer for iPad. SynthQ has been designed from the ground up with the touchscreen interface in mind. SynthQ is a subtractive synthesizer with a customizable ...    42 MB    Views 4378
instruments drum sampling sampler creating interface zones filter envelope key
0    Samples and sampling are a big part of the Reason experience. In this course, J. Anthony Allen guides you through all of the rack devices that both create and use samples and how they work together. App Features: • 96 minutes of ...    220 MB    Views 8854

76 Synthesizer

Related Apps synthesizer filter touch pad effects sharing support input
-1    September sale Get 76 Synthesizer for 50% off until the 17th 76 Synthesizer is a virtual analog monophonic synth for the iPad. Inspired by synthesizers from the 70's, the 76 Synthesizer combines playability with style. Features: • Three Oscillators with sine, sawtooth, triangle, ...    35 MB    Views 5148


audio filter oscillator rate level una sawtooth
-7    Pianola è un bellissimo sintetizzatore elettronico a tastiera, capace di riprodurre suoni ottenibili solo con i più blasonati e costosi sintetizzatori audio in commercio. Potrete provare i vostri arrangiamenti, accordi in qualsiasi momento della giornata ed in qualsiasi luogo, basterà lanciare ...    1017 kb    Views 3638
audio keyboard midi stream live information inter filter
-2    Polyphonic Subtractive Synthesizer with Resonator. Oscillators : Saw, Pulse, Sub, Noise High Pass Filter Low Pass Filter Resonator AMP Envelope Generator LFO Effects : Chorus, Delay Programmable Arpeggiator You can easily create your own pattern. InterApp Audio You can stream live audio ...    2 MB    Views 5431


keyboard synthesizer analog filter monophonic osc create
-4    Over 150,000 downloads This app can recreate the sound quality and functions of a monophonic analog synthesizer. SSSSYNTH is Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer. Since the basic analog synthesizer's parameters are implemented, this app is perfectly suitable for beginners You can easily create ...    9 MB    Views 7544


audio love instruments time playing surface control filter position visual planet modulation planets
-4    Immerse yourself in the wonders of a visual/audio experience like no other Take the role of viewer AND creator in a galaxy where you reign. SpaceWiz allows you to interact with and control your environment at the highest level of complexity. With ...    49 MB    Views 8795

Synth - Crazy Blue

-6    The Crazy Blue is a apart of a series, Crazy Red and Crazy Green. If you are looking for ordinary sounds then this is not for you, the crazy series created to provide a solution to the sounds that were ...    14 MB    Views 6979
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+30    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS All these simple and useless music boosters are nothing in comparison with this powerful Volume Maximizer Plus app. Best sound tools for perfect sounding are collected here audio compressor, gain booster, bass booster, stereo enhancer and ...    60 MB    Views 5736
synth great oscillator presets sounds filter
+26    MonoStereo Synthesizer is a free fullfeatured analog mono synth with oscillator panning. App Store Reviews: "This is the finest synth in its class. It has great presets and something a little extra special on it. It cuts. It's simple. And it ...    4 MB    Views 489


ipad audio filter lfo cutoff touch signal line application screen
+13    Filterer is a chunky little lowpass filter with resonance and an LFO. Here’s the featurelist… first finger down on the screen has XY touch control over the filter cutoff and filter resonance. second finger down on the screen has XY touch ...    3 MB    Views 4845


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-5    iVCS3 Official EMS VCS3 emulator The VCS3 was created in 1969 by Peter Zinovieff's EMS company. The electronics were largely designed by David Cockerell and the machine's distinctive visual appearance was the work of electronic composer Tristram Cary. The VCS3 was more ...    26 MB    Views 3927


artist music videos playing youtube album song switch mode label filter play
+6    You can try Simplay FREE app if you want to check what the app is doing before purchase. Simplay play your music library with simple interface + switch to YouTube Mode, and watch all your songs on YouTube in AUTOPLAY. About ...    3 MB    Views 5141

1FX - be the DJ

Related Apps music effects pass beat filter djs songs
+12    Pick your favourite party songs and amaze your friends Combine 6 powerful music effects that DJs use All effects can be triggered at the same time See live music visualisation Play songs from your music library Even your little sister ...    49 MB    Views 7008


section delay sounds synthesizer tabletop tones filter synth
0    Phase84 is a next generation phase distortion synthesizer. It fuses gritty digital sounds with traditional analog punch. +++++ Phase84 is a Tabletop Ready App. Combine Phase84 with drum machines, sequencers, effects, and more inside Tabletop — a free modular music app for ...    10 MB    Views 314

Evil Machine

drum time evil parts patterns machine filter pass section effect
-5    With EVIL MACHINE, make awesome electronic music in no time regardless of the genre. With over a hundred sounds to choose from, a step sequencer to quickly build beats and a keyboard for basslines & melodies, real time composition has ...    46 MB    Views 5847
Related Apps ipad step sounds steps filter section effect tracks banks
-9    Everyone can create cool rhythms with RawBeatStation for iPad. Featuring 8 banks with 10 tracks (instruments) with each 16 steps. It features an effect section with reverb, highpass filter, lowpass filter, delay for really robotic sounds and an assignable LFO ...    11 MB    Views 5928

SynthyPad Free

features generators sustain release filter envelope create amount frequency record
-1    There could be many reasons for someone to need a keyboard or synth at a certain moment, and with Synthy Pad you can have one on your iPhone, in your pocket. With its amazing compatibility and customizable features it’s not ...    6 MB    Views 9943
filter module dynamics delay width gate part
+16    In this 36tutorial course, G.W. Childs dishes out the dirt on iZotope’s filthiest plugin, Trash 2 Learn how to delightfully destroy your audio and mangle your music. Getting dirty was never so much fun App Features: • 98 minutes of video training • ...    238 MB    Views 7144
Related Apps video algorithm classic oscillator lfo sound sounds envelope filter
-9    Algorithm is a synthesizer designed to recreate the sounds of classic video games like Zelda, Metroid and Metal Gear Solid. Algorithm harnesses the power of bandlimited waveforms to deliver classic sound harkening back to the golden age of sound design. ...    4 MB    Views 5843

Dubstep Producer

dubstep producer multi filter includes making
+15    Dubstep producer is the ultimate app for making killer dubstep music in minutes Includes: a multisample 16 step drum sequencer for making RAD beats, a bass synthesizer with multimode filter for wobbles, a vowel filter & bit crusher for those Skrillex sounds. Add ...    18 MB    Views 8993

Sound One Plus

Related Apps audio metronome recording playing effects sound editor filter playback input add delay
+21    Sound One Plus is easy to use if you just want to record a sound and send it to someone, while including an audio editor, 20 effects, and other features that make it a great musician's scratch pad. Recording is just ...    11 MB    Views 9761

Arctic ProSynth

audio music midi sharing arctic filter sync presets synthesizer sound
-8    Be rude. Be rough. Be bold. Be tough Arctic Pro Synthesizer / Vocoder is a modern subtractive synthesizer. It does not aim to accurately model or recreate vintage synths of yesteryear. Instead Arctic Pro offers the contemporary synthesist a rude, rough, ...    43 MB    Views 971

Jam Synth

guitar ipad time iphone audio playing midi synth pitch filter jam stereo input output string
+23    Jam Synth is a fully featured monophonic guitar synthesizer / multi FX for iOS. It tracks the pitch and amplitude of an incoming guitar signal and uses this information to control digital oscillators, adding a unique guitar infused edge to ...    5 MB    Views 8765
part workshop filter synthesis modes sound envelopes loop mode
+22    This tutorial is as much a lesson in the theory of synthesis as it is a deep exploration of the ES2 in Logic Pro X. Drawing on years of sound design experience, Steve H. shows you what subtractive , FM, ...    273 MB    Views 2136


program sine amp waves delay filter lfo
+4    Monophonic synthesizer musical instruments Features: Oscillators OSC1 Waves : Saw, Pulse, Triangle, Sine Control1 : Modifying the waveform Control2 : Depth of modulation produced with LFO1 OSC2 Waves : Saw, Square, Triangle, Sine OSC MOD( to OSC1) : Ring, Sync, Ring Sync ...    1 MB    Views 5542

WOW Filterbox

audio support sync filter types power midi
-3    WOW2 is here With a futuredripping user interface, 21 incredible filter types with the famous vowel mode. With distortions that cover your tracks with gas and put them on fire. Modulations that cause more trouble than your modular dark room. ...    44 MB    Views 4434


features generators sustain release filter perfect create amount frequency variable
+3    There could be many reasons for someone to need a keyboard or synth at a certain moment, and with Synthy Pad you can have one on your iPhone, in your pocket. With its amazing compatibility and customizable features it’s not ...    3 MB    Views 9929

Filter Mexico

filter mejor xico
-3    La mejor información de la música independiente está en FILTER México. Actualizaciones constantes, boletos gratis, así como el mejor calendario de conciertos sólo lo encontrarás en esta app. También busca cada seis semanas nuestra revista impresa en locales cerrados de ...    3 MB    Views 3969

Rhythm Studio

drum music hardware audio instruments studio rhythm synth machines real synths classic support filter
+29    Now with Audiobus 2 Rhythm Studio is a must have app for musicians It is a premier universal electronic music making app, boasting richly detailed graphics and incredible sound, with impeccable recreations of classic synths and drum machines along with other ...    13 MB    Views 1459
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